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Intercompany solutions can be your contact when you want to start a business in The Netherlands. This country is a very desired place for entrepreneurs. Some begin their Netherlands company formation here, others are continuing their existing business. What kind of start is applicable for you, for both you need to know all procedures in the Netherlands. When you start in the Netherlands, this can be very difficult. Especially if you don’t speak the language very well, it is better to have a contact person like Intercompany Solutions. They know everything about the Netherlands and they speak the language very well. On the website you can find and read information about the companies in the Netherlands. Next to all procedures they also inform you about the benefits in this country and the opportunities it has to offer. The advice is to read the information about Netherlands company formation thoroughly. This way you know before hand what to expect and you can decide yourself whether a Netherlands company formation is suitable for you and the company. When you let Intercompany Solutions guide you through this, your Netherlands company formation can be completed within 3 days. They offer an all-in service, which can also be proceeded remotely.

The reasons and entities for a Netherlands company formation

For many business companies The Netherlands is an ideal country to make a business more successful. It is known for its core membership of the EU. The high-tech infrastructure and logistical hub as gateway to Europe is very essential for companies. Furthermore, many Dutch people do speak the English language very well and the country has an international business climate. These characteristics make it very easy for businesses to start in the Netherlands. Also the economy of the Netherlands offers many possibilities and opportunities for a new start up. That is why many entrepreneurs choose the Netherlands for their business opportunities in the future. If you contact Intercompany Solutions for a Netherlands company formation, the first question is what kind of company it should be. You can choose between the following entities:

  • A limited company, also known as the Dutch BV with corporate shareholders and directors.
  • A Dutch foundation
  • A Dutch CV company, a limited partnership that can be formed with at least two partners who are legal entities of individuals.
  • A Dutch NV company, a public liability company and legal entity for large corporations and investments controlled by a board of directors for decisions.

Procedures to consider

If you have decided which kind of entity your Netherlands company formation will be, it is easy to start from there. Intercompany Solutions would very much like to help you further with all the paperwork. It is required to complete the paperwork that is necessary to register your Netherlands company formation. A Dutch BV is most common in the Netherlands and for a foreign company it is mostly considered. For registration you’ll need to prepare the following:

  • Identity information of directors and shareholders
  • A copy of passport of all directors and shareholders.
  • A filled-out form regarding the formation of business
  • Preferred company name including verification of the availability

After completion of the documents a visit by the shareholders to the notary will be required for signing the documents. In the Netherlands the documents can be legalized by a local notary. This procedure can be arranged by Intercompany Solutions. If needed they can arrange all other necessary facilities like opening a bank account, registering an office, visa and immigration procedures. For your Netherlands company formation Intercompany Solutions can do all work for you, so you can make your business stays successful.

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